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At FBT, we're not just building bridges – we're crafting pathways to the future of Florida's infrastructure. As a state leader in the structural engineering realm, we offer a dynamic, innovative, and collaborative work environment that champions excellence, technical knowledge, and professional growth. 


Our work environment is enriched by capable and nurturing colleagues. We encourage and empower everyone to tackle progressive challenges and constantly learn new things.

Whether you're an experienced professional or a budding engineer, your journey toward making a tangible impact on Florida's transportation landscape starts here. Let's build something extraordinary together!

FBT provides excellent benefits to employees.

Benefits & Perks

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We use top insurance providers to deliver premium medical, dental, and vision coverage plans. Each employee's health insurance cost is paid 100% by FBT including 50% of spouse and children coverage.

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Vacation Pay

Alongside numerous paid holidays, you'll accumulate paid time off that you can use throughout the year or save and carry your hours into the following year. We also provide one personal day per year as a paid day off for whatever you choose.

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Continuing Education

FBT offers educational support, training sessions, and opportunities to participate in conferences. Furthermore, we cover the cost of your professional licenses (including testing and application fees), professional publications, journals, subscriptions, and memberships.

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Beyond the Office

FBT hosts many occasional events for staff members including their family and friends. These events include our annual family picnic, College Park Jazzfest, holiday events, boat days, concerts, UCF games, and Orlando City Soccer matches. We typically have lunch as a group on Fridays and FBT buys! There is so much more beyond “life in the office”.

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Retirement Planning

Full-time employees can participate in our 401(k) retirement savings plan. FBT provides excellent matching amounts and contributes portions of the company profits to employees' 401(k) accounts.

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Other Benefits 

FBT provides flexible work schedules, end-of-year profit-sharing bonuses, free life insurance, and long-term disability insurance benefits. Also included is a partial scholarship for our team members' children to attend a college or other accredited higher education or vocational training programs.

Equitable Inclusion

FBT is committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace. 


We believe in creating an environment where every employee feels valued and empowered, equipped with the necessary resources and support to thrive and grow. 


Our dedication to continual improvement in this area reflects our recognition of the strength that comes from a diverse team, where unique perspectives and backgrounds contribute to innovative solutions and a vibrant company culture. 


At FBT, success is shared, and every voice is an integral part of our collective journey.


Culture & Environment

At FBT, our culture thrives on connections and relationships, both within the workplace and beyond. 


We believe that the bonds formed between our team members are the cornerstone of mutual allegiance and collaboration. 

The core of our culture is the concept of people first.  This concept serves the needs of our communities, clients, and our employees.  We believe lifting and empowering each team member is critical to creating excellence for our clients.  A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. 


The performance and engagement we see every day are a direct result of the supportive and cooperative environment we nurture. 


Our commitment to fostering these connections is not just about enhancing our work experience; it's about creating a sense of unity and belonging that resonates through every project we undertake, every client we serve, and every community we touch.

Work at FBT

Join the Florida Bridge and Transportation family today and be a part of shaping Florida's infrastructure – apply now to start your journey with us!

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