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Emergency Bridge Repairs
Florida's Turnpike Over CR 561

FBT has the unique experience necessary to design proper bridge repairs that last for the long term.  Having performed numerous inspections of existing structures and having designed numerous structural repair projects, combined with our Contractor Specialty Engineering experience, allows FBT to be a leading engineering firm for bridge repairs. 

emergency bridge repair

 Our experience includes emergency bridge repairs on compressed schedules and typical bridge repairs where the process can be more methodical.  We have provided numerous life-cycle cost comparisons to determine repair versus replacement options, and to determine what level of repairs are needed.  Often, the maintaining agency does not have the funding available to construct a complete rehabilitation of a structure or construct a complete bridge replacement when issues arise.  In these circumstances we assist the client make the determination regarding what level of repairs they can make today in order to buy time until the bridge can be replaced.


FBT worked with Cone & Graham Construction to design the emergency bridge repairs at the northbound bridge of Florida’s Turnpike over CR 561 in Lake County.  The original bridge was heavily damaged by a fire on December 14, 2009 when a truck burned under the bridge following an early morning accident in dense fog.  The repairs were completed and the bridge was opened to traffic in only 8 days after the notice to proceed in spite of an entire span having been replaced.  The bridge was re-opened on December 24, 2009.  The fire destroyed the existing center span of this three span bridge.  FBT provided the design of the new Span 2 including the beams, bearing pads and the bridge deck.

Emergency Bridge Repairs
I-10 WB Over I-75

Emergency bridge repairs in Florida

FBT worked with Leware Construction to design the emergency bridge repairs at I-10 WB Over I-75 near Lake City, FL.  A tractor trailer hauling a turbine going westbound on I-10 lost control of its load while on the structure. The turbine fell off the trailer and impacted the deck in the shoulder area adjacent to the north lane causing severe damage to the deck and moderate damage to two beams and their diaphragms. 


The impact was so severe several sections of the deck had complete punching failures and one of the end diaphragms was pushed downward by at least one inch resulting in severe spalling and cracking of the diaphragms and several beam ends.  The scope of the repairs and design elements performed by FBT included investigating and implementing repair procedures for replacing portions of the deck and patching other spalls, epoxy injecting cracks, repairing damaged diaphragms, beams, and expansion joint elements.  The repair plans and designs were submitted one week after the Notice to Proceed, and the repairs were completed in less than 21 calendar days.

Bridge Repair and Strengthening
SR 115 Over Red Bay Branch
Sono-Void Repair With UHPC

Innovative Sono-Void Repair with UHPC, recognized by the Florida Department of Transportation

FBT designed the bridge strengthening and the bridge repairs at SR 115 over Red Bay Branch which is an existing Sono-Void bridge.  This is a featured project on the FDOT website for “Transportation Innovation Initiative UHPC – Design Innovation”.  Visit the website Structures Design Office --- Ultra High Performance Concrete ( and navigate to the “SR 115/Arlington Expressway over Red Bay Branch” page. The existing bridge was exhibiting reflective cracks in the asphalt overlay, indicating separation of the Sono-Void units at the joints between the units. Bridge repair work activities will involve hydro-demolition of longitudinal joints between PSB precast units and filling connections with supplemental tie bars and UHPC.  This will be the largest project to use UHPC for existing Sono-Void PSB joint repairs in Florida. This project’s unique feature is the utilization of UHPC connections for rapid and robust repair of damage longitudinal joint connections. Other prior repair methods for Sono-Void PSB joint repairs have not functioned as well as intended, so a new repair method was necessary.

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