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FBT Offers a Range of Services to Meet Clients Needs

In addition to designing transportation-related structures, we have experience designing buildings, land-development-related structures such as gazebos and trellis structures, screen walls around subdivisions, and miscellaneous aesthetic structures for landscape/streetscape projects.


Our experience also includes designing with all types of materials including concrete, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, light gage cold-formed steel, timber and masonry.  Each material type behaves differently and has unique design requirements. This cross-code experience is very beneficial when we design structures that are out of the ordinary.  


Being exposed to all the different codes and working directly for contractors gives us a unique perspective as we approach our design projects.

Design-Build and Traditional Contract Delivery

From design-build services with one point of contact who handles everything on your behalf, to traditional contract delivery, FBT has a highly experienced and efficient team of engineering professionals that work hard to be great project partners, get the job done, and exceed expectations.

Award-winning bridge design project in Orlando, Fl
Bridge replacement design done by structural engineers in Orlando, FL

Bridge Design
and Repair

FBT is a leader in bridge design, helping connect communities and improve their infrastructure. With vast experience ranging from design/build projects to full replacement projects, including regular maintenance, we provide engineering services for state agencies, municipalities, and industrial clients for vehicular and pedestrian bridge projects. With our extensive experience having worked on hundreds of bridge projects for nearly two decades, we’re able to use innovative, cost-effective solutions to achieve your project goals. 

PD&E and Other Studies (Project Development and Environment) 

FBT offers preliminary engineering expertise with project and environmental (PD&E) studies to assist the FDOT in determining the location; conceptual design; and social, economic, and environmental effects of the proposed project. Our planning team works thoroughly to understand the needs of the community with close coordination with local citizens, elected officials, and agencies through all stages of the planning process.

PD&E Studies and project development and Environment
Miscellaneous Transportation Structures

Miscellaneous Structures

From retaining walls and sign structures, to high mast lighting supports and overhead sign structures, FBT offers all the structural support needed for miscellaneous structures that maintain driver safety and traffic efficiency. Our extensive experience with designing transportation structures has given us the ability to deliver top-of-the-line solutions for structures of any size, type, scope, material, and complexity. 

Construction Engineering and Contractor Specialty Engineering

FBT engineers have broad experience performing construction engineering services for bridges and other transportation-related structures. Our team plans for equipment and resources to be well organized to adhere to budget and schedule constraints. Worker safety is prioritized to the highest degree and construction work is sequenced to maximize labor and resources. FBT draws on decades of technical expertise in structural and materials engineering to find innovative ways to solve construction challenges. 

Structural Engineers Consulting
Civil Engineers working on a transportationproject

Continuing Services Contracts

We've worked closely with the Florida Department of Transportation, District 5, to complete over 20 task work orders and have several continuing service contracts with various clients, such as FDOT, other consulting firms, and construction contractors (serving as ongoing specialty engineers). At whatever stage you are in, we’ll closely evaluate the project and execute a strategy to complete it on time and within budget.  

Hardscape Structures

Part of what makes transportation enjoyable is exploring the beautiful outdoors that surround the roads and bridges we travel on every day. FBT engineers have vast experience transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful scenes that enhance outdoor lifestyles with attractive hardscape structures that connect communities with nature. 

Hardscape structure services
Transit Shelter Design

Transit Shelters and Minor Buildings 

FBT designs transit shelters and minor buildings that give travelers comfort, convenience, and protection from the weather. Our engineers provide innovative transit shelter solutions that complement the surrounding environment and infrastructure.

Designing Bridges and Much More

We specialize in the design of transportation-related structures. The engineers at FBT have designed over 250 bridges since our inception in 2005. Our design experience includes all types of bridges ranging from pedestrian bridges and low-level water crossings to curved long span bridges over interstate routes. A significant portion of our projects include serving as a Specialty Engineer working directly for contractors.


Our traditional design projects include bridge replacements, widenings, new construction and structure repair projects. However, we're more than just Bridge Engineers, we also design miscellaneous structures, including sheet pile walls, retaining walls, box culverts, bridge barrier retrofits, overhead sign structures and signal structures. 


FBT has served as the overall Project Manager on over 20 contracts. We are seasoned project managers that approach each project from a holistic perspective to make sure all aspects of the project are properly coordinated. 


3.1 Minor Highway Design

4.1.1 Miscellaneous Structures

4.1.2 Minor Bridge Design

4.2.1 Major Bridge-Concrete

4.2.2 Major Bridge-Steel

5.4 Bridge Load Rating


  • Design-Build and Traditional Contract Delivery

  • Bridge Design and Repair

  • PD&E and other Studies (Project Development and Environment) 

  • Miscellaneous Structures

  • Construction Engineering and Contractor Specialty Engineering

  • Continuing Services Contracts

  • Hardscape and Landscape Structures

  • Buildings

  • Materials

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