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SR 417/International Parkway Interchange

FBT was contacted by the contractor to perform specialty engineering services to design the steel girder erection plans and temporary supports for the SR 417/International Parkway Interchange near Sanford, FL.

Steel Girder Erection plans

FBT analyzed the steel girders to include the stresses during every step of the shipping, erection, and deck pour sequence.  The picture below shows the first pair of curved girders during erection. 


Overall, FBT provided five separate steel girder design models to analyze the stresses for each pair of girders during the erection scheme and during the deck pour.  We determined that a temporary tower was required to ensure the girders would not be overstressed, provide better stability during the incremental erection steps, and control the deflections to allow for better fit-up of the cross bracing. 


The bridge included a 200' span with a 45-degree skew and a radius of 500 feet.  In addition, FBT designed the overhang forming and addressed cracking that occurred in a bridge member.

FBT has performed over 400 task work orders for contractors including numerous girder erection plans and critical crane lift plans.  We work with the contractor’s staff to determine the best overall approach to girder erection including site maintenance of traffic, entry points and staging areas, available crane sizes, crane supported loads including rigging elements, and maximum pick radius.

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