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Case Studies 

Take an in-depth look at some of our projects in more detail and learn innovative methods FBT used to tackle engineering challenges.

Wekiva 3B
Major Bridge 

award-winning bridge design, Wekiva 3B
Award Winning Bridge design for a bridge replacement in Florida

SR 4 Over
Blackwater Bridge


Contractor Specialty Engineering: NW 12th Ave Bascule Bridge over the Miami River

Miami bridge replacement contractor specialty engineering for Florida
SR 417 Girder Erection from a structural engineering team

Contractor Specialty Engineering: SR 417/International Parkway Interchange

Bridge Repairs

Emergency Bridge Repairs for Florida
Florida Bridge and Transportation designs Drainage structure improvements.
Control Structure 7
(CS-7) Drainage Structure Improvements
Miami Mover 
Florida Bridge and Transportation was instrumental in the Miami Mover Monorail development.
Florida Bridge and Transportation helped in the development of the Soldiers Creek Alum Treatment System.
Soldiers Creek
Alum Treatment
Bridge Demolition Analysis: PD&E Study for removal of existing bridge of the westbound SR 20 over Apalachicola River Bridge (Old Trammell Bridge)
Bridge Demolition


Innovations Case Studies

FBT's Innovative Solutions Help Solve Civil Engineering Challenges.

SR 115 Over Red Bay Branch Repairs

Florida Bridge and Transportation helped repair the SR 115 Over Red Bay Branch Bridge
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